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Group Counseling

Girl Power-

Our goal is to direct young women into making positive choices for their future.  Our group will focus on self esteem, exploring healthy relationships, and goal setting skills.  The group will help young women to interact with other girls to strengthen socialization skills and develop healthy friendships.


A boys social skills building group with an open forum.  Hands on activities will build self confidence, self awareness, develop positive coping skills, as well as manage anger, anxiety, and depression.  Flex group is a place of security, involvement, confidentiality, and trust among growing young men.  Groups are broken down into two age groups.  Grades 3-5 and grades 6-8.


A place of understanding for individuals with Aspergers and mid to high functioning Autism.  Learn, grow and be accepted for who you are and not have to live up to others expectations.  This group will work on communication skills and coping skills. 

Creative Arts Therapy-

Art therapy is used to help adolescents manage physical and emotional problems by using creative activities to express emotions.  It provides a way to come to terms with emotional conflicts, increase awareness, and express unspoken and often unconscious concerns.   This group is geared for ages 9-14.

Positive Parenting-

All parents could benefit from a little parent coaching, usually when they have a child whose unique temperament or emotional issues cause some special challenges.  We will also work with newly divorced or divorcing parents regarding co-parenting issues or the special challenge of single parenthood.

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